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Storytelling is my nature.

Knowing how to elicit heartfelt and authentic answers from you comes very easily to me.You see, it's all about knowing what to ask and how to ask it.

I have more than 30 kids books published worldwide and spinning tales is my favourite thing to do. Whether it's by an actual fire, tucking the kids into bed, emphasising the facts to make a friend laugh or telling your perfect love story at your wedding which connects with you and your guests with hilarity and familiarity.

I've recently delved into self publishing under the Joelie Bird label too, so there'll be lots more added to the virtual bookshelf on Amazon in the near future. What a world of opportunity we are living in. 

I've realised that what comes easily to me doesn't to all, just as it takes me too long to read a map or add up numbers. So if you have things you need / want to say, I'm happy to help you do so.

I can assist with writing vows, speeches, presentations, website and marketing material amongst others worded things. 

Let's have a chat. I'm like a good chat too.  xo

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I'm not sad book cover and link to Amazon sales page

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I'm based in Glynde, South Australia, but I'm happy to travel to wherever you require. Please contact me to discuss. 

Depending on your location, I'm happy to meet with you in your home or we can find a cafe (or bar) close to either of us. My place is good too, if you don't mind being inundated by the cutest pets. 

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