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Meet Joelie
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Hello, how great to see you here!

I'm Joelie Bird, and I work as a Celebrant, Artist and Copywriter. I am also a newly appointed Registered Justice of the Peace for South Australia. Creativity drives me and everything I do is with immense passion and dedication. If I don't feel emotionally invested in a task I find it hard to do!

These skills work very closely together and compliment one another really well. I create ceremonies for weddings, funerals, baby namings amongst others, and I offer rich bespoke script writing that really sounds like those involved in the ceremony. That is of upmost importance to me. These ceremonies are free from traditions, open, honest, vibrant and inclusive of all lifestyles and circumstance. I love to write and I happily design ceremony scripts that work for you and your situation with intimate and unique script. 

I create art that depicts the illusive feminine, with aspects of witchy-ness and whimsy. Usually it's fine ink and watercolour but sometimes its hairdresser or shop/cafe murals on walls. Art can translate into weddings where I have the pleasure of creating art for special days as well. 

I have many children's books published and writing is a most favourite things of mine to do, share and use to evoke. 

I'm a mumma to three sons. I love to work with essential oils and I practise healing arts such as Reiki and Seichim. I also blend artisan herbal teas. I love the community and lifestyle here in Adelaide as I have the freedom to explore many of the passions that grab me. 

I'd love you to contact me if you think I'm the right fit for your event, your walls, your pages. 


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