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SO, this was a very special evening.

Anna and Darren were avoiding the concept of a traditional wedding and so invited their loved ones to an evening of drinks on the rooftop bar and dinner at a Perth CBD hotel (how's that view!).

The invitation read: "We're off to the registry office" so guests were expecting a low key celebration after the event. Instead, in a wonderfully classy and surprising outcome, the couple shocked their guests by announcing that they would in fact be marrying each other on the roof top, with me as their celebrant (I've been a close friend of Anna's for some years, so I was really a guest).

The looks on those faces as the ceremony began were priceless. We paused for a few giggly moments while tears of joy and shock were shed. It was gorgeous.

And what an honour for me to be able to marry one of my nearest! We will talk about this until we're old women, I'm sure.

The concept of surprise weddings is becoming so popular these days. It removes much of the hullabaloo, if you're not into that. No need for a wedding party, hens/bux shows, gift registries etc. For some, it is the perfect solution to a celebration of love with the fuss.

And these guys nailed it.

Here's to your future, lovers xox

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