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Eloping and tiny weddings

Hello lovers,

I'm well overdue in sharing some stories from the beautiful weddings I'm able to be a part of. We've all been locked down for a few months now (cursed Covid) and I've realised how very much I miss the weekly interactions of weddings and meetings to discuss such exciting, love filled plans.

This gorgeous couple were fortunate enough to get in shortly before the mayhem we are now experiencing. They had plans to move overseas and wanted to share their special wedding moment with a tiny group of friends and family before they left. An absolute secret, they've only just given me permission to share their tale as they have now announced their marriage to all.

I met these two only a few weeks away from their departure date. We scraped in the paperwork just in time and suddenly there was a wedding arranged for 4 weeks time. I love this kind of affair. There is something very special about stripping it right back and focussing only on the end result - the marriage and joining of two lovers.

I arrived on the day for what was only the second time I'd met them. That's very rare for me, as usually I have the opportunity to meet with couples many times before their day, but one of the main reasons for this is so that I get to know them well and can therefore write a ceremony that truly reflects them. With Jaimii-Lee and James, I only wrote a teeny tiny little ceremony and I was able to gather that insight into their personalities and relationship the first time we met.

They announced that it was a slightly larger affair than they had thought, but that was due to their families not being able to resist sparking up the day with a gorgeous wedding feel. The hills family home was decorated gently with native flowers and family members had built a stunning, simple and really effective arbour. It was absolutely perfect for them.

They appeared to their guests together, hand in hand, and the entire ceremony took around 4 minutes! The result was two vibrant, inspiring, passionate people joining their lives in a sweet and appropriate wedding and a future of marriage together.

There are SO many ways to have a wedding and I love sharing the ones that fit outside the norms of expectation. I especially want to share this one in this current climate, as it goes to show that not everyone has to have 200 people at their wedding day to truly celebrate and honour the sacred nature of their marriage.

Thank you for having me, Jaimii-Lee and James! I wish you all the very best in your marriage and travels together xxx

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