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Covering the legalities of your wedding is my job, and I love to do it!


There are four main steps with paperwork to complete your legal marriage. 


First Step

Depending on the timing of our first meeting, this is usually when the NOIM (Notice of Intended Marriage) is completed. This is crucial to ensure you can marry on your chosen date as it must be completed in full no later than one month prior and no sooner that 18 months beforehand. 

For this I need to sight two original forms of ID for each party - a birth certificate, proof of age, current passport, drivers licence are the best options. If relevant, originals of divorce certificates must also be presented at this time. 


We will fill in the form together and I witness your signatures, then it is officially lodged with me ready for you to get married. 

If you are arranging a wedding from interstate, there are ways we can do this not in person. 

Australian passport
South Australian Birth Certificate example
South Australian Drivers Licence example

Just Prior

Celebrant and male and female couple on wedding day signing paperwork
Stock image of laptop, phone and notebook on a desk
Celebrant and male and female couple on wedding day signing paperwork

In the week leading up to your wedding date there is a second form called the "Declaration of No Legal Impediment To Marriage". As this must be completed close to the wedding date, I tend to incorporate the signing of this with your wedding rehearsal or venue visit.


No ID is required for this form,  but we do complete it together so I am witness. 

Then we hug and high five because the next time I see you will be...

On The Day

Your wedding day! Congratulations! 

On this day we complete three versions of wedding certificates. All are filled in by me and checked by you prior to the big day and need to be signed by both parties and myself, along with two witnesses verified to be over the age of 18 years. These witnesses can be family, friends, members of the wedding party and do not need to be Australian citizens. 


I will leave you with the commemorative version of the certificate and bid you farewell to enjoy your reception as NEWLYWEDS!




Once the dust has settled, follow this link to obtain your official legal marriage certificate at a cost of $56.50 from the Attorney General's Department.


This can then be used for name changes, proof of identity and proof of marriage.


File it away as your precious legal documentation of your marriage.

Service Agreement 2024.jpg
Service Agreement 2024 3.jpg

Return to Service Agreement form to sign HERE


I'm based in Glynde, South Australia, but I'm happy to travel to wherever you require. Please contact me to discuss. 

Depending on your location, I'm happy to meet with you in your home or we can find a cafe (or bar) close to either of us. My place is good too, if you don't mind being inundated by the cutest pets. 

Call me 

+61 433 180 633


Thanks! Message sent.

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